Carpentry and art seem to be genetic.

Growing up, Jo was always surrounded by carpentry and art.


Her Sicilian grandpa was a carpenter and her father as a young man would help his father build houses in Northern NJ. She grew up in a household that had a wood shop in the basement, and art supplies were always available. Jo and her siblings learned many skills from their parents like carpentry, painting, sewing, interior design, drawing and cooking. Her mother and father always encouraged the kids to work hard, be clever, use what was available, clean up after, and to make exceptional things.

Her father was a part-time draftsman, and when Jo was young she would stand at his elbow watching how he worked. She taught herself technical illustration and mechanical drawing, which proved useful during a college internship at a small museum that later opened the door to her first archaeological dig. Jo has continued her archaeological drawing on excavations in Syria, Sicily and Italy. On every trip she keeps a travel journal to record events and draw cartoons of the food, architecture, and sometimes the neighborhood cats. The travel cartoons have inspired various children’s stories, and Jo is currently writing and illustrating her first picture book.

Lucky Jo Carpentry & Home Repair was founded in 2002, and a workshop building was added in 2017. The new shop is now in operation turning out custom radiator covers, built-in cabinets, and quirky furniture made of upcycled wood scrap.