The Bread Wall

The Bread Wall is something that I have always wanted in the Bakeshop, from the very beginning when I first started thinking about a brick&mortar storefront. And it’s not just any old wall but it serves several purposes, the most obvious is to display the breads.

After many trips to small bakeries, coffee shops and cafes around the world and countless searches on Pinterest, I had a pretty good picture in my mind of what it should look like.

But it was more than just the visual, I wanted the Bread Wall to reflect warmth and love.

The idea applies not just to baking but to the construction of the wall itself. Each of these boards was cut, sanded and stained, with love, by us and our friends. So the Bread Wall is also community.

It will remind us of those beautiful summer and fall days that we spent in our backyard, with people we care about and who believe in us, catching up, laughing and creating the boards that make up this wall.

And lastly the Bread Wall will act as a boundary.

After many years of processing life, I have discovered the importance of boundaries and this one will help to define our space. It partitions the retail area from the work area. A great thing Pema Chodron has said in this respect—- Buddha would have liked boundaries.

Seems like we are talking a whole lot about this Bread Wall but I think once you walk into the space, you will understand.