The Proverbial Sausage of the Bakeshop

As we get closer to opening, I have been reflecting back. Everyone talks about not wanting to know how the sausage is made, well how about how the Bakeshop is made??? Here are a few behind the scenes images from the beginning, how we have been working to get the Bakeshop ready for business.

It's mid-October... Aren't you open yet?

The anticipation is growing, which is a good thing, but we are still hard at work creating the Bakeshop.

Our countertop is an actual tree that was felled in a friend’s yard, milled and then dried. Jo is currently processing it to make it look incredible.

Our lighting is almost complete and the reuse of many fruit, milk, and wine boxes make up the bread wall. And the newly rehabbed bread slicer arrived and is in top working condition.

We are going to start moving in more equipment and hopefully get the ovens up and running to test out some recipes.

But soon, very soon, we will open the doors and let the smell of bread out.

Highland Park Arts in the Park

Well it felt more like a coming out party than a Market type event.

Jo and I got to talk to so many people, telling them a little about the shop, what we will be baking and answering a slew of questions.

I also brought some Smoochie Pies and a few select types of bread to sell that was gone super quickly. Just goes to show the need in the community for a good bakeshop.

But things moved so fast that I did not get a chance to take many pictures, although Jo did managed to get one or two while we still had bread.


1st Day in the shop!

Prepping for paint, cleaning up and starting the layout!


Here are some images from the day one session in the new space.